Second Grade Visited UTA
Mr. Wilson standing over a table with snap circuits students are around the table
student at a white table holding a 3D pen making a design
student in a red, white and blue jacket working to build a snap circuit at a white table


Second Graders at CAPA visited the University of Texas at Arlington on Friday, March 3rd, and they had an incredible experience!  They had the opportunity to visit the library at UTA where they were able to participate in stations that included snap circuits, button making, 3D pens, Ipads, stamps, stickers and and drawing on a white board.  Ms. Morgan, the K-12 librarian assisting us at UTA, then took us on a tour of the "Fab Lab" where students were able to see the computerized woodshop, a glass-making area, a sewing area, 3D printers and more.  They wrapped up the tour of the library with a visit to the basement where UTA students hang out and play video games.  Needless to say, CAPA students thought this area was pretty cool!  

Students also had the privilege of being given a campus tour of important buildings by former CAPA Viking Anna Melton, Ms. Hildebrand's daughter.  She was sure to show them all the important things! They loved this part of the trip mostly because it was led by Anna.  

As if that wasn't enough, students attended a very engaging science show put on by the Science Ambassadors at UTA, and it did not disappoint.  They saw dry ice, liquid nitrogen, fire and more! Ms. Pleasant and Ms. Rutledge were very brave when they were asked to participate in an experiment that included holding fire in their hands. Ask a second's true!  

Lunch was the last stop at Brazos Park on campus.  It was a beautiful day for a picnic, so students enjoyed eating and running around a bit before heading back to the bus.   

We're already looking forward to our trip to UTA next year!