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Perry 2017 Character Awards- Trustworthy

Character awards for October trustworthy

Our first character awards for the year were given out yesterday during a house assembly with our students and staff.  The character trait was Trustworthy and for the first time we voted on parents and staff to be included in the awards.  The parents chosen were Mr. Demetrius Mattison, father of Bryce Mattison and Mrs. Maria Vazquez, mother of Jophiel Vasquez. Staff chosen were Mrs. Paula McBride, our school secretary and Mrs. Erica Gammon, our art teacher. The students were Elliana Castles and Hunter Thompson for Kindergarten, Preston Maldonado and Adalynn Moneypenny for 1st grade, Raegan Hamilton and Brylee Gilpin for 2nd grade, Leya Hamad and Kooper McAda for 3rd grade, and Alyse Pena and James Moody for 4th grade. Congratulations to our students, staff, and parents!