Viking University

For eight Fridays each semester, students participate in a Viking U club sponsored by staff.  Clubs change each year and are very popular. Clubs explore art, technology, sports, literature and many other topics.

Math Pentathlon

CAE sponsors two math pentathlon clubs through the school year for students in grades 1-3 and fourth grade. Students learn to play math games focusing on problem solving, math skills and strategy.  Each team goes to competition in the spring.

Viking Musical

Each year our music teacher, Mrs. K. Wilson, leads a group of students in all grades to learn a musical in order to perform for the public. Students audition for parts and attend rehearsals. Performances are in the spring.


Students in grades 2-4 may audition for the Viking Choir. Students learn various songs and perform for family and friends throughout the year.

Character Education

We focus on the six pillars of Character Education.  In addition to learning what each pillar means, we also look at the attributes that help us to identify each pillar.  Each pillar has a color and an animal associated with it so we can easily identify and remember what it stands for.  Below is a list of the traits with some interesting facts about them.

Six Pillars of Character Education

  • TRUSTWORTHINESS - is represented by the color blue, and the camel.  A person who is trustworthy, is always honest, does not cheat, and has the courage to stand up for what is right.
  • RESPECT - is represented by the color yellow, and the lion.  A person who is respectful, always thinks about other people’s feelings, uses good manners, and handle’s their anger and disagreements peacefully.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - is represented by the color green, and the elephant.  A person who is responsible always does their best, never gives up, thinks about consequences before the act, and uses self-control.
  • FAIRNESS - is represented by the color orange, and the giraffe. A person who is fair, always plays by the rules.  They take turns, listen to others, and they are open-minded.
  • CARING - is represented by the color red, and the kangaroo.  A person who is caring, is compassionate, understands and demonstrates empathy towards others, they are kind, they say thank you, they help people in need.
  • CITIZENSHIP - is represented by the color purple, and the Koala bear.  A person who is a good citizen, helps to make their school and community better, cooperates with others, obeys the laws and rules, and respects authority.


School of Character 

Learning for Life 

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Student Council

CAE students in third and fourth grade may run for student council once a year. This is a student-led leadership organization to improve the school atmosphere and culture.  They also lead community service projects for the students and staff.

Honor Patrol

Fourth grade students who are recommended by their teachers may apply for honor patrol. Each morning and afternoon, honor patrol helps with various activities throughout the building.